Best Hitachi Magic Wand In Commerce, CA

This is the classic massager you have probably heard about from friends or in the media. The Hitachi Magic Wand Massager is one of the most powerful vibrators available today. We know that the vibrator is used on more than sore muscles, so the Europe Magic Wand is sold with a white soft silicone head for easy removal and cleaning. If the Magic Wand Original is just too unseemly for you, then the Wand Massager from Master Series might be up your alley.

The same year the Magic Wand appeared on the market, a New York-based artist by the name Betty Dodson had her first sexually explicit one-woman exhibition at the Wickersham Gallery on Madison Avenue. It is a very eco-friendly cardboard box - no connection to the fancy boxes that high quality sex toys often comes in.

Therefore the attachments Genius & Genio is not recommended to use on other massagers than the Europe Magic Wand. Currently, we do have some like-new used Hitachi Twin Head Massagers, and 1 new one. Durable and easy to clean, the Humming Bird wand massager attachment will surely be added to your regular rotation of toys!

Newegg suggests you buy, among other things,a Hitachi Magic Wand for your Mom for Mother's Day. Unlike novelty battery-powered vibrators, the plug-in Hitachi Magic Wand has the power to bring woman to orgasm quickly, and is an absolute requirement for women who are older or have difficulty achieving orgasm - or have never orgasmed at all.

This is the legendary Magic Wand Original women swear by. It delivers OMG”-worthy pleasure, reliably, time after time. Some sex toys are the real deal (even on Amazon), but the Hitachi is the most famous and sought after vibrator ever, so there is a lot of (poor) imitation.

Hitachi executives assisted financing the production of chocolates in the shape of the massager in 1992, in honor of the 15-year anniversary of the sex shop Good Vibrations Subsequently, the company asserted in 1999 its sole intended use was for health care purposes.

Those who aren't familiar with the intensity the Hitachi Magic Wand packs could find it downright intimidating, especially on high. Another general rule of thumb is never to clean any of your toys with anything you wouldn't put in your body, which means things like bleach and hand sanitizer are out.

Because it plugs into the wall, you never have to worry about batteries dying out on you and because an appliance manufacturer makes it, you can expect this to outlive most other sex toys. After dark, this wand turns into something much more…ahem….erotic than just a personal body massager.

The Hitachi Magic Wand scoffs at other vibrators, maintaining it's position as the all-powerful, while other vibrators merely quiver in comparison. The true Magic Wand, just like the old Hitachi Magic Wand, has a square button panel. Don't press too hard because the wand is powerful and causes a lot of blood flow.

This handy toy should be anything but forbidden as an electric, wall powered massager or you may choose to turn up the heat with the intense high speed vibrating function. Ally unique to the Hitachi Magic Wand. There are a few head attachments out there made for the Hitachi Magic Wand; some fit over the head and others can replace the head completely.

Of course, it's not just for a woman to use, and you certainly can use the Hitachi Magic Wand to stimulate sore muscles if it helps. In 2013, Hitachi did hitachi magic wand rechargeable see fit to update the design so the Magic Wand would be sturdier. Helps you spend less money on more high quality hitachi magic wand.

The Hummingbird (left) is the most popular hitachi magic wand attachment for men. Invest in a Hitachi Magic Wand. Contact us for assistance on authentic Magic Wand Massagers and we will be more than happy to help. We'd rather not wrap it to reduce the vibration, and there are numerous products available for slowing the original Hitachi.

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